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Railway signalling is a complex and fascinating subject. We are a main association occupied with offering our customers a top nature of Railway Signaling Products. Railway signalling products are tough, solid and offer smooth operation for a more drawn out term. In addition to this, we ensure that this raw material is stringently tested at our end to negate any kind of defect so as to offer best of Railway signalling products. Railway signalling is very important to prevent trains taking conflicting routes. Railway signalling maintains a safe separation distance between trains. Railway signalling protects trains from driver malfunction (incapacity / inattention / misjudgment). Railway signalling ensures trains do not exceed their permitted speed. We design and manufacture the railway signalling system essential for safety train operation. Railway signalling is one of the most important components of the many which make up a railway system and we manufacture Railway signalling prod to meet that system. Train movement safety depends on railway signalling and the control and management of trains depends on them.

Railway Signaling is a complex and safety-oriented subject, especially in the Indian terrain where the number of trains, routes and people involved are at a very high end.

At GSM, we ensure that every Railway Signaling products, such as point machine motors, point machine, lifting barriers are stringently tested at every stage of manufacturing from raw material to the final run-test, to negate any kind of defects so as to offer the safest products. All the Railway Signaling products are duly inspected by RDSO at our manufacturing plant before they are dispatched to our clients.

Wound Field Motors

Watertight – IP67 Motor

IP Motor1

For the 1st time in India, IP67 motor for the Indian Railways. Considering the conditions of the waterlogging rail tracks in the season of monsoon, We, Globe Scott Motors have developed a watertight motor with no maintenance guarantee for the next 5 years.

Variants of IP67 Motors

  1. 400VAC Immunity
  2. 160VAC Immunity

Intensive Testing

As per RDSO specification IRS:S 37/2022 version 2, motors are tested 100% by the in-house and RDSO teams

IRS Wound Field Motor

IRS Wound Field Motor


Type of Motor:DC SERIES
Rated Voltage:110 Volts DC
Out Put Watts:0.44KW
Rated Speed:1700 rpm
Rated Current:5.3 amps max.
Duty Cycle:10 min.
AC Immunity:160 Volt AC and 400 Volts AC
Gear Ratio:20 :1


Type of Motor:DC SERIES
Rated Voltage:120 Volts DC
Out Put Watts:0.44KW
Rated Speed:1700 rpm
Rated Current:5.3 amps max.
Duty Cycle:10 min.
AC Immunity:160 Volt AC and 400 Volts AC
Gear Ratio:27:1

Seimens Wound Field Motor

Seimens Wound Field Motor

AC Motor for Point Machine

AC Motor for Point Machine


Basic Technical Data
Art of on-loadS3 4%
Spare output0.55 KW
Number of poles4
Frequency50 Hz
Nominal output 220/380 V- 230/400 V
Nominal current 2,7/1,55 A – 2,5/1,47 A
Cos fí0,69
Break torque at UnMin. 14 Nm
Break current at Un Max 10 A
Min. turning moment atU = 0,8 Un 2,4 Nm | U = 0,9 Un 3,0 Nm
Dielectric strength against frame min. 2 kV
Dielectric resistance against frame min. 20 ohm
IP codeIP 44
Work conditions
Vicinity temperature -30 till +70 degrees C
Relativ humiditytill 80% at 33 degrees C
Electric lifting barrier with hand generator back up and motorized boom locking arrangement.

Electric Lifting Barrier

Electrically operated Railway electric Lifting Barriers ensure an effective & efficient traffic control at Railway Crossing. Our PANEL OPERATED RAILWAY ELECTRIC LIFTING BARRIERS (Model: GSM -1307) requiring negligible maintenance, are ideally suitable for all such installation. Railway electric lifting barriers have been specially designed to suit Railway Operating conditions.

However, for locations were reliable electrical power is not available. We have developed special ELECTRICAL LIFTING BARRIERS WITH HAND GENERATOR BACK UP (Model: GSM-1702) , which are suitable for all locations. When power supply is available, these barriers can be operated as railway electric lifting barriers by using the push buttons & controls provided on the generator casing door. When power fails, the winch of the hand generator is rotated like a conventional winch type barriers and this rotation develops the electrical power to operate the barrier motors.

Railway electric lifting barriers are reliable and its working capacity is high. Since operating time of railway electric lifting barriers is less, opening and closing is prompt as well as damage of boom also reduces due to heavy road traffic. Railway electric lifting barriers requires less maintenance. Railway electric lifting barriers are comparatively safe and there is no chance of outside interference. In case of power failure, railway electric lifting barriers can be operated with the help of crank handle. Crank handling of railway electric lifting barriers is easy because its counter weight is less and balanced.

Barrier ModelGSM-1702GSM-1307
Rated Voltage24 V DC / 110 V DC110 V AC
Output Watts90 W250 W for 110 V AC System
Rated Speed1500 RPM1440 RPM
Duty CycleS1S1


Rated Voltage (System works satisfactorily at 75% to 125% of rated Voltage)24 V DC / 110 V DC
(Any ONE)
110 V AC
Motor Capacity(Provided in each pedestal)90 W, 1500 RPM PMDC250 W for 110 V AC System
DC generated Capacity180 W, 1500 RPM PMDCNot Applicable
Power ConsumptionApprox. 40-50 W / Barrier MotorApprox. 90 W/Barrier Motor
Operating Time (Opening/ Closing)Less than 12 secs. At Rated VoltageLess Than 12 secs. At Rated Voltage
Boom locking System-Solenoid
Positive Boom Locking System25/40 W Motor, Limit Switches & Rack/Pinion-
Max. Boom Length32 ft. (9.75 m)32 ft. (9.75 m)
OperationElectric with Hand Generator Backup- in locations where electricity is not reliableElectrically operated

Silent Features

  • Tested & Approved by RDSO.
    • RDSO Approved List Part-II for GSM-1307 confirming to RDSO/SPN/208/2012,
    • RDSO Approved List Part-II for GSM-1702 confirming to RDSO/SPN/208/2012
  • Remote Push Button Control from Panel / hand generator cum panel in cabin / gate lodge
  • In Case of Power Failure / no power, remote simultaneous Manual Operation of both Barriers by hand generator fixed in gate Lodge/cabin.
  • Above Manual Operation exactly similar to winch type barrier. Rotate winch clock wise for closing, anti-clockwise for opening, and stop cranking of generator at any time for stopping in the middle.
  • For operation of barrier, simple 3 core cable connection between each barrier machine & panel cum hand generator
  • Quick operation – Less then 12 Seconds, for lifting /lowering.
  • Automatic stop in fully raised/lowered position.
  • Automatic locking of boom whenever it stops. Additionally, Solenoid Locking or motorized locking, with boom lock proving contact also provided in closed position.
  • Automatic slowing down of boom in extreme positions for jerk free stop.
  • Quick & efficient Direct Manual hand crank operation provided at each pedestal with motor cutout.
  • Self Re-setting Friction clutch provided to protect motor in case of obstruction to boom.
  • Wide boom with Alternate stripes of black & yellow on boom for high visibility. Bands od reflective tape for night warming.
  • Negligible maintenance due to sealed system design.
  • Low power consumption due to heavy duty, low friction sealed type gear unit.
  • Easy Installation, Simple foundations, nut bold erection, and electrical cabling.

Electric Point Machine

Both models can be provided with the motor to operate on either of DC or AC single phase/ three phase power supply. In the event of a power failure or emergency the point can be moved to the full normal or reverse position by means of a crank handle.
The machines are designed for both left & right hand operation.

Electric Point Machine GSM – 143

Variant 1: GSM 143

Electric Point Machine GSM-143 is a non-trailable Point Machine
It is designed to operate rail points of high speed turnouts with Thick Web Switch (TWS) Blades with external clamp point lock. It is operated electrically and also incorporates an internal point lock and detection mechanism.
This model meets the following application requirements of high speed turnouts
• Throwing of points (TWS) providing 160mm min. Opening at toe to give sufficient (60mm) flange way clearance at JOH and another 60mm throw required for clamp lock for direct locking of switch with its respective stock rail.
• Independent switch locking in point machine and clamp lock.
• Retaining of tongue rails in end positions.
• Detection of end position of tongues
• Solid construction, fast working, interchangeable.
• Large rated effort and travel
• Possible protection against trailing
• May be used on all type of traction: all track gauges, rail types, point and crossings.
The model permits the mid stroke stopping and reversal
Completely self-contained. It is easy to install and its unique design ensures minimum maintenance under operating conditions.

Variant 2: GSM 220

It operates the point with external locking. It is operated electrically and incorporates a detection mechanism.

This model meets the following application requirements of high speed turnouts:

Operate the points with 160mm opening at the toe.
Retaining the tongue rails in end positions.
Detection of end positions of tongue electrically.
External Locking by clamp point lock.
Emergency operation by crank handle.
A movement already initiated can be reversed at any time and from any position. This may be used on all types of track gauges, rail sections, points and crossings.

Completely self-contained, it is easy to install and its unique design ensures minimum maintenance under operating conditions.

Electric Point Machine GSM - 220

Brush Less Dc Motor For Railway Carriage Fans

A brush less DC motor is a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor which is driven by direct current (DC) electricity and it accomplishes electronically controlled commutation system (commutation is the process of producing rotational torque in the motor by changing phase currents through it at appropriate times) instead of a mechanically commutation system. Brush less DC motor is also referred as trapezoidal permanent magnet motors. Brush less DC motor is an indispensable part of modern drive technology, most commonly employed for actuating drives, machine tools, electric propulsion, robotics, computer peripherals and also for electrical power generation.

Brush less DC motor  has no mechanical commutator and associated problems. Brush less DC motor is highly efficient  due to the use of permanent magnet rotor. High speed of operation even in loaded and unloaded conditions due to the absence of brushes that limits the speed. Brush less DC motor has smaller motor geometry and is lighter in weight than both brushed type DC and induction AC motors. Brushless DC motor has long life as no inspection and maintenance is required for commutator system. Brush less dc motor has higher dynamic response due to low inertia and carrying windings in the stator. It has Less electromagnetic interference. Brush less DC motor works with  low noise due to absence of brushes.


  • Highly efficient due to the use of permanent magnet rotor.
  • High speed of operations in both loaded and unloaded conditions.
  • Light weight.
  • Long life.
  • Has higher dynamic response due to the low inertia and carrying windings in the stator.
  • Low electromagnetic interference.
  • Low noise due to the absence of brushes.


Basic Technical Data
Nominal output110 V DC
Power Watts 32 W
IP code IP 44